End Of The School Year

The end of another year of teaching only means one thing ………………………….. fireworks season is almost here!! I feel blessed every single day to work with the the future of our great nation. My 9th and 10th grade pre engineer students are amazing. Our future is bright just like the colors in our fireworks. This will be my 20th year teaching and my 43rd year in the fireworks business (from birth).

I took the opportunity to attend the National Fireworks Association conference this year. It was a great time to meet new friends, develop some business contacts, and the best part was watching all the demos every night. There was some amazing stuff and I can’t wait to share it with my fireworks family. We will once again be working with World Class, Spirit of 76, Hales, and Ammo Hut to supply our customers the best bang for their buck!

Trying to live a life with a growth mindset is something I strive to achieve. This year we will be trying a new display style and price point selection. We are trying the KISS method (Keep It Simple Silly) with our pricing. Less decisions for our customers to make. Why carry a ton of stuff when you only need to carry the best. Come check out our new locations, inventory, and displays.

Mobile Firework Stand Prototype

Being the problem solver that I try to be I came up with a solution to me not having a big truck with a flat bed and winch to move newly built firework stand. We have began construction on our custom mobile fireworks stand prototype #1. We are focusing on visual space for customers to see the maximum product by using 2 huge side sliding windows and added overhead storage for product during the season and the off season. I am also wanting to keep my workers happy with a window unit AC that should help keep them cool until we get super busy and have to leave the 5 ft x 6 ft windows closed. It has been a challenge starting with a cheap 16 foot trailer that was anything but straight. I will add pictures of progress along the way. 

Custom Made Assortments Packaged in the USA

We are always working hard to offer the best value and variety possible to our customers. One way of doing this is having our assortments custom made locally in the United States. We are hoping for a higher quality product that is consistent in quality and packaging. The final details are coming together and out order should be sent in by the end of the week. We should have inventory listed on the website asap. 

The real life of the Warrior Family

This past weekend was spent catching up on family time. Unfortunately we had to divide and conquer. My wife stayed home to transport and support my daughter at her volleyball tournament I took my youngest out of town for the weekend to play in a baseball tourney. The oldest spent all weekend umpiring softball games at his first tournament of the year. It was a very successful weekend for all of us. Volleyball had some success until some injuries made them forfeit the last few games. Baseball ended with a 2nd place finish and a huge ring. The umpire came home with a pocket full of cash. Hope you took some time to spend with your family too.